Needs Analysis

The term "Network," defines the hardware, software, methods and procedures necessary to facilitate the efficient interchange of information among the various departments and locations of a given organization, or system/subsystem groups performing distinct tasks. In general, information in a Network can be categorized as voice, data or video, depending upon its characteristics. The relative position and precise functions of the various network components define the network's architecture.

In addition to defining the architecture, JBJ Technology's Needs Analysis will address the following:

  • Customer Objectives
  • Project Requirements and Constraints
  • Optional Trade-Off Analysis
  • Decision Analysis
  • "State-of-the-Art" Analysis
  • Candidate HW/SW Architectures
  • Conceptual baseline product, cost and schedule

Product Planning

JBJ Technology provides clients with in-depth and detailed analysis of products relative to given applications, or in abstract, to determine applicability and feasibility. JBJ Technology goes a step further and can singularly, or jointly with customers or third-party partners, develop the product and bring it to market.

Tactical and Strategic Plans

JBJ Technology has a clear understanding of the technical requirements, business objectives and state of the industry, JBJ Technology will assist an organization in developing short-term, transitional, and long-term strategies. This allows the organization to avoid the pitfalls of locking into the wrong solutions due to nonconformity to standard and /or imminent obsolescence.

Industry Studies

JBJ Technology performs research and studies on a variety of topics and areas of telecommunications that are of interest to a particular industry sector, specific organization, or given customer.

Typically, we review the state of the industry for the given area to determine:

  • Customer Profiles
  • Vendor/Customer Relations
  • Typical Product Profile
  • Short/Long-Term Needs Assessment
  • Feature Ranking
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Revenue Projection Analysis
  • Standard and Regulations

Topics can be as explicit as "State of the Industry for Local Area Networks", as global as "Information Flow Patterns between the USA and the Rest of the World" or as complex as "Embedded Real-Time Artificial Intelligence Requirements". We have the expertise to perform excellent, original work in each of these areas.