System Design/Engineering
Project Management

Needs Analysis

System Design/Engineering

WIMAX Network

Parkland Hosptial

JBJ Technology provides telecommunications solutions to our customers which represents an optimal design, identifying all required hardware and software including any support facilities. Key components of our designs include:

  • Defining "State-of-the-Art" Technology Options
  • Standards and Compatibility Considerations
  • Defining Physical and Logical Attributions
  • Migration Considerations
  • Operations and Maintenance Considerations
  • Defining System Features and Functionality

Tariff Analysis and Regulatroy Management

The optimal network design is the preferred solution to the network design cost function. The key to performance and cost optimization is applying the proper tariffs consistent with current and forecast regulation. Misapplied tariffs resolve into exorbitant billing errors and other inefficiencies. JBJ Technology presently provides tariff analysis to evaluate current operations and to interpret proposed tariffs for our customers so that they may have optimized operations.

System Specifications

JBJ Technology provides detailed specifications, which support the implementation of systems. Our system specifications can address either of the two following areas:

  • Systems to be manufactured (prototype or production)
  • Systems to be installed, tested and made operational

For either area, we develop detailed documentation, which defines step-by-step processes and procedures including: systems and subsystem specifications, acceptance forms and supporting drawings documenting physical characteristics, logic flow and signal flow, as required.

System Documentation

JBJ Technology provides CAD personnel to create and computerize customer's documentation requirements, and to set up efficient methods for easy retrieval, modification and updates. AUTO CAD is generally used but other tools may be appropriate for specific solutions. A document design process to meet customized, requirements, such as document numbering, annotation, configuration, and scaling, precedes documentation.

Technical Writing

JBJ Technology provides Technical Writers to create detailed operational, maintenance, installation/test instruction, and other general purpose manuals. JBJ Technology provides desktop publishing for both internal and external needs.