WIMAX Network

JBJ Technology's network service provider division is actively engaged in adding customers to the network who have broadband connectivity requirements. The division's primary marketing strategy has been to work with existing local JBJ Technology customers searching for oppotunities to provide broadband solutions to/from underserved and geographically challenged areas of the City of Dallas (City). Current customers include ACS/City of Dallas and Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). This wireless network, as shown in the figures below, is the only wireless broadband Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) network covering the entire City of Dallas.

Because this network is able to reach underserved or geographically challenged areas cost effectively and timely, other service oppotunities are becoming available.

The JBJ Technology Broadband Offering

The JBJ Technology Offering supports large and small business as well as residential offering T1 to DS3 type services over its wireless private network. The flexibility of this product allows for deployment to geographically challenged areas. The WiMAX technology also provides an alternative to DSL and cable broadband services. These WiMAX radios are able to beam high-speed internet connections to homes and businesses miles away, eliminating the need for every building to be wired to the internet. By beaming signals over the entire metropolitan areas and beyond, WiMAX allows true wireless mobility the ability to use your laptop, unplugged, to get on the internet from all over the Dallas metropolitan area, not just at the so-called hot spots currently provided by WiFi technology.

This product offers typical speeds of 2 to 5 MBps but cannot extend up to 100 MBps. For business customers industry prices can be as low as $300 per month for less than 2 MBps to thousands per month for higher thru puts.